Elizabeth Fry

Record Suspension Program

Understanding the process for setting aside your criminal record is not straightforward. For free, we provide one-on-one assistance with submitting a pardon application to the National Parole Board of Canada.

Elizabeth Fry Toronto has a new and improved Record Suspension program that is more affordable than ever before. We will cover the cost of your application processing fee when you have successfully submitted your application to the Parole Board of Canada for your Record Suspension (formerly called a Pardon.)

Having your Record Suspension is a sure way to put your record and it’s stigma behind you. If you are seeking employment, a new career, housing, access to your children (if you are CAS involved,) travelling, getting involved in a healthy relationship, feeling overwhelmed, or feeling depressed because of a past record that is not going away please speak to us now for our expert advice and services.

Our team:

  1. Will help you to find out if and when you are eligible to make your application.
  2. Will support you through the process, explaining the steps that you need to take to make your application a success.
  3. Will be available to you and support you until you have successfully received your Record Suspension confirmation.
  4. Will refer you to other support services at your request, within Elizabeth Fry Toronto.

Please fill out the contact information below to make an appointment and learn more about the program.

If you have an issue submitting this form, please email our team at recordsuspensions@efrytoronto.org  or call us at 416- 924-3708 x 400.

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