Sex Work Transition Program

Exit Doors Here

For women wishing to leave the sex trade industry including trafficked victims, Exit Doors Here provides personalized suite of wraparound services and time-based interventions to ensure successful exiting.

Exit Doors Here uses a new evidence-based case management model of Critical Time Intervention (CTI). CTI has proven success in transitioning people from precarious and sensitive situations to stability.

The Exit Doors Here team provides emotional and practical support during critical times of transition and strengthens women's long-term ties to services, family, friends, and the community. 

CTI is a time-limited evidence-based practice that mobilizes support for vulnerable populations during periods of transitions. CTI facilitates community integration and continuity of care by ensuring that a person has enduring ties to their community and support systems during these critical periods. Services last 9 months delivered in three separate phases. 

Learn more about CTI here.

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Admission Criteria

The program is open to:

  1. Female-identifying individual 18 years and over

  2. At any stage of sex work, voluntary or involuntary

  3. A desire to leave sex work

  4. Reside in the GTA

  5. Experience at least two of the following:
                a. Has been, or at-risk of being in conflict with the law
                b. Lack of positive social support/nature support networks
                c. Substance use with negative impact
                d. Unemployment/underemployment/lack of employment skills
                e. Lack of basic life skills
                f. Lack of personal safety at the hands of an abuser
                g. At-risk of homelessness or is homeless




To learn more about Exit Doors Here, please contact our team:

Phone: (416) 924-3708 ext. 257
Fax: (416) 504-4845

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