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416 924.3708

Kelly Potvin, Executive Director, x256

Joyce Chan, Financial Administrator, x237

Lemoi Peters, Executive Assistant, x246

Employment Programs & Resource Development

416. 924.3708

Kendra St. Cyr, Communications and Fundraising, x234

Jackie Omstead, Community Support Programs, x248

Cynthia Richards, Employment Counsellor, x244

Kerry Donnelly, Employment Programs Coordinator, x241

REsidential Program

416. 924.3708

Lucy Gudgeon, Manager, x250

Erin Masters, Housing Worker,

Residential Staff, x233


Counselling Services


Iren Tajbakhsh, Manager, x238

Maryam Zafari, Counsellor, x232

Gracie Post, Counsellor, 251

Sherrette Thomas, Counsellor, x243

Lydia Yang, Counsellor, x249

Myroslava Stadnyk, Counsellor, 247

Amanda Ross, Reach Out to Women (Jean Tweed), x254

Sharifa Nagil, Client Intake Counsellor, x230

Michele Landis, Direct Accountability 416.593.4267

Mary Preston, Direct Accountability 416 593.4267

Exit Doors Here

416. 924.3708

Ermelina Balla, Manager, x253

Dana-Lee Riley, Counsellor, x252

Chloe Foisy-Marquis, Counsellor, x231

Sarah Wade, Counsellor, x260

Leslie-Ann Fullterton, Counsellor, x298