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Membership is an important aspect of the Elizabeth Fry Toronto’s work as it allows people in the community to join with us to advance our agency’s vision, mission and values. Members are invited to attend our annual general meeting and have the right to vote at motions raised in the meeting. Members also receive our newsletters and invitations to special events.

Become a member today! Simply complete the on-line form  or fill out this application form and mail it to our main office.

Yes, I am interested in being a member of Elizabeth Fry Toronto. I share the Elizabeth Fry Toronto Mission to ‘support women who are, have been or are at risk of coming into conflict with the law’.
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In signing this membership form, I am also affirming my support for the Elizabeth Fry Toronto Vision: A society that ensures all women have the dignity and capacity to make informed choices about their lives and avoid conflict with the law. and commitment to: Compassion: We honour women’s voices, experiences and resilience and prioritize women’s mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health Equity and Inclusion: We are a feminist organization and we challenge oppression in all its forms Excellence: We foster a collaborative culture based on self-reflection, continuous learning, effective partnerships, quality improvement and evidence based practice Accountability: We are responsible to ourselves and to our stakeholders for using resources appropriately, communicating honestly and acting with integrity
I understand that membership fees are $10.00 per calendar year (January 1 - Dec 31) for individual membership and $50.00 for a group membership.
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